Andrew Cabana works in the Montreal/ West Island Region tuning pianos

Andrew tunes a piano by using a mix of techniques that have been used for decades, as well as some of his personal techniques, to compare music intervals, beat speeds and harmonics using the world's greatest measurement microphone, the ear. The use of an electronic device has never been of much interest to him for a piano tuning.

During a piano tuning appointment, the instrument is evaluated for problems and other possible improvements. Of course, if the piano is very worn out, the customer will be informed and can decide whether or not it is worth the investment.

Other Services offered

regulation, voicing, piano repairs, adjustments and overhauls of the piano. Examples include replacing the hammers, the white key tops, springs, pads and regulating the piano to help the piano sound better and respond better to the musician.

Music is our Passion

Soundgrazer has been providing music services including music lessons, piano tuning and music recording and arranging to the delight of their clients since 2004.

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